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I love this site! How can I refer a friend?

We're so glad you're loving our site and I'm sure your friends will love it too! You can refer a friend using your unique referral code that can be found in the rewards section. As a welcome gift to all your referred friends they will receive a 10% d

Do my Foxy Points expire?

Yes, your Foxy Points do expire but you'll have a whole 3 months since your last order before that happens, so we're sure you'll find the perfect bargain to spend them on in that time!

Can I use more than one discount code on an order?

Unfortunately you won't be able to redeem more than one discount code at the checkout, luckily our discounts are soo great on their own!

How can I earn Foxy Points?

There are many easy ways to earn Foxy Points, in fact you can earn up to 415 Foxy points before you've even placed an order with us!. You can do this by following our Socials, joining our Mailing list, creating an account and referring a Friend. You

What do the Tiers mean?

Every Foxy customer that creates and account with us will start off in our Cub Tier, in this tier you'll be earning 3 Foxy points per £1 spent. Once you've spent over £200 on our amazing bargains then you'll be moved up to our Fox Tier, then you'll b

How can I use my Foxy Points at the checkout?

Once you've earned over 200 Foxy Points then you'll be able to start redeeming these points on your order!. Once you've filled your basket with loads of great bargains then simply proceed to the checkout and use our slider to choose exactly how many

How can I use my Foxy Points on my mobile?

Redeeming your Foxy Points on mobile is a breeze!. Simply fill your basket, go to the checkout, select 'Use discount or points' and select how many points you'd like to redeem!. Full tutorial below.